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Alexa update enables voice assistant to slow down and speed up

Amazon's Alexa has been updated to give users they ability to slow down or speed up the voice assistant.

Anyone who has ever struggled hearing what Alexa is saying can now benefit from the improvement which is aimed to help people with "hard of hearing" and blind people who would prefer the voice to quicker.

Sarah Caplener, Amazon's head of Alexa, said: "We heard from customers that they would like the ability to change Alexa's speaking rate for a variety of reasons.

"Some of our hard of hearing and older customers shared how they love talking to Alexa and how she has become a companion, but sometimes they would like her to slow down so they can better understand her responses.

"On the other hand, some of our customers who are blind or low vision are used to consuming audio content and want to be able to listen more quickly."

A simple command of 'Alexa, speak slower' or 'Alexa, speak faster' can activate the change on Amazon's Echo smart speakers.

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