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Foldable phones should get foldable batteries, say scientists

Scientists say foldable phones should have similarly flexible batteries.

Professor Markus Niederberger - and his research team at ETH Zurich - have developed a "flexible thin film battery" prototype which can be bent, stretched and twisted without stopping the supply of power.

According to the university's website, the battery follows the design of commercial batteries by being buid like a sandwich.

There are two stretchable current collectors, and between those is a hydrogel electrolyte, a cathode, a PDMS frame and sealing, and an anode.

Niederberger told EHT News: "To date, no one has employed exclusively flexible components as systematically as we have in creating a lithium-ion battery."

He also insisted the possibilities for using such technology would go beyond smartphones such as the newly released Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The batteries could be used in the likes of rollable displays for computers, tablets and smartwatches, or even clothing or functional textiles with bendable electronics.

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