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Data protection with GMX's online portal

Searching and security on GMX’s online portal

When you login to GMX you’ll find your email inbox right alongside the most relevant news and information. Ever have trouble finding what you’re looking for when sifting through so much information? Leave it to us. At GMX, you can match the information you see to your personal preferences and needs. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for when you login, try using GMX’s search option.

You never have to worry about your personal data. Your security is our top priority.

GMX’s online portal

Whether you’re looking for news, popping in to check your inbox, checking out the latest in entertainment, science, and sports, looking for the best deals, or using a search engine, the GMX online portal puts all the information you’re looking for at your fingertips.

We are constantly improving our site to provide you with the best user experience possible. We want to make sure you can easily navigate the information available and quickly find whatever it is you’re looking for.

In order to optimise your experience, we process anonymous usage data in accordance with current regulation, helping us see if our users are finding their way easily or if we need to make adjustments.

Collection of personal data

When you visit GMX’s online portal, your data and personal information (cookies and usage) are automatically collected and saved. The date and time of your visit, as well as the areas of the website you visit, are just a few examples of information that may be collected..

Revoking consent to data processing

Because we aim to most effectively optimise GMX’s services and content, it is currently not possible to prevent us from processing your data.

Your data helps us improve user experience for products, websites, and applications. We use automatic, standardised analysis procedures to gain insights that help us improve. Information about revoking usage of your data for analysis can be found here.

You can manage your configuration options for interest-based advertising in Data Protection & Advertisements.

Saving personal data

Why do we process your data? To provide you with the best user experience possible.

Anonymous usage data is deleted after the end of usage, in accordance with the law..

We never share your data with third parties

Your personal data never leaves GMX. Period. Any data you provide us with stays in GMX’s secure computer centres in Germany.
GMX’s search engine
Want to find something specific in seconds? It couldn’t be easier. Find what you’re looking for with our search engine and internet portal.

GMX’s search engine makes it possible to find information on almost any topic. You don’t have to be a registered GMX user to use the GMX search feature.

To ensure the effectiveness of our search feature, we process usage data in accordance with GMX’s Privacy Policy.

How do we collect your data

Our search feature automatically records search queries, IP addresses, and anonymous data from the web browser.

GMX’s search suggestions make your search easier. While you’re typing in your search, GMX will automatically suggest search terms and phrases in real time based on frequent searches. Once you’ve finished your search, GMX will show you alternative search terms and related topics. GMX’s search suggestions are based on the data collected from searches made by all users, and are not based on your personal search history.

Revoking consent to data processing

We only show you what you want to see.

Advertisements are marked to indicate that they have been included in the search results for a fee. These results feature sponsored links normally related to the search terms.

You can find configuration options to manage interest-based advertisements in Data Protection & Advertisements.

To check your GMX search settings visit:

We use an automatic, standardised analysis of procedures to improve user experience for our products, websites, and applications. If you do not want your data used for analysis purposes, click here.

Saving personal data

Any usage data we collect will be deleted at the end of usage, in accordance with section 15 (1) of the Telecommunications Act
Sharing your data with third parties GMX offers its search feature in partnership with Google, Oath (EMEA) Yahoo and Microsoft Bing search engines.

Within the scope of this partnership, search queries, IP addresses and anonymous data from the user’s web browser are sent to both of these companies.

Google, Oath (EMEA) Yahoo and Microsoft Bing use this data, along with clicks on search results, to improve their search products, for research and analysis, to better adjust search results and advertisements, and to recognise and prevent fraudulent activities regarding advertisements.

GMX’s platform formats the search results delivered by Google, Oath (EMEA) Yahoo and Microsoft Bing to fit the user’s specific query and expectations and to optimise results.

Find out more about our partners’ data collection and usage practices in our partners’ data protection notes.
Please remember that your IP address - depending on where the partner company is located - may also be processed outside of Europe.