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Billy Joe Saunders wants Demetrius Andrade fight

Billy Joe Saunders wants to fight Demetrius Andrade.

The super middleweight world champion is hoping to arrange the clash next month as he seeks to take on Mexican star Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez later this year.

Alvarez is fighting next month and Saunders is determined to box too so he can go into the potential clash with ideal preparation.

He said: "I’m not sitting around waiting until May. It’s just too long. He’s fighting in February so I want to fight in February or the first week of March, something like that. I can’t just let him fight, get into a camp and then roll straight over into another camp. It’s a clever move from them but I want to be out there as well. If he thinks I’m going to be just sitting around until May twiddling my thumbs he’s got another thing coming."

Saunders admits that Alvarez would be the perfect opponent to prepare him for a mouth-watering clash with Alvarez.

He told IFL TV: "(Demetrius) Andrade vacate the world 160 title. Move up and tell the WBO that you’re moving up and we can get it on. Vacate, move up and you’re mandatory. Let’s rock and roll. The winner of us fights Canelo."

The British fighter also revealed that he is very confident in coming out on top in a proposed bout between the pair.

Saunders said: "I swear to God on my kid’s life. I am extremely confident of knocking him out cold – I love boxing southpaws, I love boxing someone with his style, I have a very good track record against southpaws. Eddie Hearn, make the fight."

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