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Ben Askren: Jake Paul fight means little to me

Ben Askren says that the fight with Jake Paul meant little to him.

The former MMA fighter was knocked out in the first round by the Youtuber last weekend and has suggested that he didn't particularly care about the outcome.

Askren told ESPN: "Why was the public so interested in two guys who weren't very good at boxing, boxing? It's kind of mind-blowing.

"What does [the fight] mean to me? It doesn't mean anything. A fight that doesn't mean anything to me, the way it captured the public's attention and everyone had an opinion on it - was so fascinating."

Many angry fans took to social media after the bout to suggest that it had been fixed and Askren had simply taken part in the event to bank a paycheque.

He said: "I got hit. The question I have for those people is, what do I gain by it? I told you guys what I made for this fight. It was a very nice paycheck. I'm also not destitute and poor. What do I gain by that? The answer is nothing. I would actually lose a lot. It's not something that would ever cross my mind."

Askren said that the fight means it is impossible to tell if Paul is actually any good at boxing and it will only be discovered when he fights someone with more quality.

He remarked: "Maybe he's good. I don't think so. I think I just didn't defend the overhand right really well and maybe he does land that punch hard. But it's still TBD, because he's gonna fight probably somebody who's significantly better at boxing than I am. If he beats them, we'll see."

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