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Floyd Mayweather: I'll beat Paul with my Z game

Floyd Mayweather believes he is capable of beating Logan Paul with only his "Z game".

The legendary boxer returns to the ring in Miami tomorrow (06.06.21) for an exhibition bout with the social media influencer and believes that he will not need to box at a particularly high level to win.

Speaking at a press event before the fight, Mayweather said: "I ain’t gotta use my ‘A’ game. I ain’t gotta use my ‘A’ game, my ‘B’ game, my ‘C’ game. I can use my ‘Z’ game. I don’t even gotta hit him hard, and the result’s gonna be the same. That’s all I keep saying all day. That’s what’s gonna happen, man. That’s what I do."

Logan Paul and brother Jake have taken the world of boxing by storm in recent months having found fame on YouTube and Mayweather praised the pair for convincing the public that they are true fighters.

He said: “Man, once again, these guys have done good. I take my hat off to these guys. They have done good to fool the public about being some real fighters. Man, he gonna find out Sunday, man. This is the truth. This is real, man."

The two fighters were involved in a brawl at a recent press conference and Mayweather says Paul will pay the price for disrespecting him.

The American said: "June 6, that boy ain't got a chance. Yeah, it's an exhibition. But I'm going to tighten his a** up for disrespecting … [Logan] disrespected me. Somebody can seriously get hurt by disrespect. I ain't nothing to play with. I'm not for jokes. Totally disrespectful. That's why you ended up with two black eyes, your nose got f***ing and your teeth got chipped. Keep f***ing with me and next time you'll end up in a neck brace. Keep f***ing with me."

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