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Brentford boss Thomas Frank hails team as 'incredible'

Brentford boss Thomas Frank has hailed his team as "incredible" following their Aston Villa victory.

The 48-year-old football manager - whose team beat Aston Villa 2-1 during their Premier League match on Sunday (2.01.22) - has heaped praise on the football club after they landed 12th place on the league table as a result of their win.

He said: "We've played half our games in the Premier League, with the injuries we've had I think it's incredible what we've done - but we want more of course. We looked tired, for whatever reason. I don't know why. I think in that respect it's even more impressive that we got the three points."

Frank later went on to claim that while Brentford hadn't played their "best", their win still "shouldn't have been possible, given the "amount of money" Aston Villa - which is managed by former Liverpool player Steven Gerrard - have spent on their team.

Speaking on BBC's 'Match of the Day', he added: "I think these wins are the bigger wins. We didn't play our best football today but managed still to win a tight game, which is impressive. It shouldn't be possible that we're above Villa with the amount of money they've spent on their squad in the last two or three years. I think they're a good club, so the fact that we're above them is quite good. But it was a game that could easily, and maybe should have, been a draw, but a tight game that we saw out in the end, and now we just need to continue."

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