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Gary Neville doubts Arsenal title chances after Liverpool celebrations

Gary Neville doubts Arsenal title chances after Liverpool celebrations

Gary Neville thinks that Arsenal's celebrations after beating Liverpool show that they are not ready to win the Premier League title.

The Gunners were jubilant after their 3-1 win in Sunday's (04.02.24) match brought them to within two points of their opponents at the top of the table but Neville thinks that the scenes show that Mikel Arteta's team lack the "ruthless" edge needed to claim the prize.

The former Man Utd defender said on Sky Sports: "The celebrations at the end I don’t think were of a team that thought they were going to go on and win the title. I think they were of a team that didn’t want to be out of a title race, and that was the relief that we saw at the end.

"I agree with what Gael [Clichy] said about the word ruthless. I think Arsenal, when I watch them, are a better team than Liverpool but I think Liverpool are a more ruthless team, they’re more ruthless in the final third.

"And I think that could just cost them in the end, and that’s me having said at the start of the season I thought Arsenal would win the league. But there’s still so many signs today, so many examples, of Arsenal not having that killer instinct in the final part of the pitch that I think at some point in the last part of this season it’s going to hurt them.

"So for me they’re a really well coached team, their system is good, their way of playing is good, but just that real important last bit [is missing]. Liverpool have got Jota, Salah, Gakpo, Diaz, they’ve got so much threat Liverpool. And I think that, in the end, will just be a problem."

Neville added: "For me, with the celebrations, I’ve gone past the idea of having a go at teams for celebrating. I just still think there’s a little bit of immaturity in their celebrations.

"Which means, to me, it felt like relief that they weren’t eight points behind."

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