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Mauricio Pochettino: Chelsea need time to transform results

Mauricio Pochettino: Chelsea need time to transform results

Mauricio Pochettino has called for Chelsea fans to recognise that "time" will needed to turn the club around.

The Argentine coach is under mounting pressure at Stamford Bridge amid a disappointing campaign so far but Pochettino thinks that the Blues can learn lessons from rivals Manchester City and Liverpool - who were patient with coaches Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp before becoming successful.

He said: "We always need time and we are building from zero. Sometimes it looks like you move forward, but sometimes you need to go back because some problems appear.

"You should think it is going to be good, but after it, it is maybe better to go for [something else]. It always takes time. Look at the project of Manchester City or Liverpool.

"It’s always about time. It’s about time and about a very clear leadership like Pep or Jurgen. It’s so clear from there you build all these projects."

Pochettino believes he has what it takes to handle the scrutiny and pointed out that he hasn't lost any hair amid the stress of the job.

He said: "To be focused on playing football, you need to be free in your mind. You can’t be affected because of the stock market in New York or Tokyo, or the weather in I don’t know where because the farms cannot grow the cereals.

"That is why I keep my hair like this. It’s because I do not suffer for things that I am not in charge of. I only suffer for sport, for football, to try to improve the players, to give them good things. A good platform to win games.

"If there is no rain at my farm, I cannot grow the crops. You kill the business of my family on the farm and they need money. That is stress. With that, you can lose your hair. But I cannot lose my hair because the opponent was better than us."

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