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Saints want to repay local community

James Ward-Prowse says Southampton wanted to "repay" the local community.

The Saints' vice captain has opened up on the club becoming the first Premier League team to confirm player wage deferrals, and he explained how the decision was made as his team mates discussed "what they were comfortable with" and "what was needed".

Speaking to BBC Sport, he said: "We wanted to make a good, mature, calculated decision on what was needed.

"It wasn't done for a 'well done, you're the first club to do it'. It was done out of thinking ahead and thinking what is best for the club and the community.

"I'm proud, as a Southampton player, to be part of the club because the decision was made in a very good way and it really sums up and epitomises what the club is all about."

Ward-Prowse - who joined the team as an eight-year-old and rose through the ranks - refused to be drawn on what other clubs were doing.

"A lot of other football clubs go about it in different ways, which is fine, but the way all the players and staff came together really sums us up what we are about as a club," he added.

"On a Saturday at 3pm, the community comes together for the club, it's all about the team and what we're doing, and the way we went about it was ensuring that we could repay them by the decision that we made."

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