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Facebook to rival YouTube with licensed music videos

Facebook is set to rival YouTube by launching licensed music videos on the social media app.

As reported by, Mark Zuckerberg's firm has posted guidance to Page owners for artists that they will need to opt-in or out of feature by August 1, from when a page containing their videos will automatically appear.

Once they give permission to Facebook, they will be able to have their videos discovered by fans on the Page's Videos section.

They will also be able to edit or remove their clips whenever they wish.

Even if they do not reach the deadline, Facebook is giving artist their own Official Music page controlled by the app, which will be available via the Facebook Watch tab.

And when they receive new videos from labels, Facebook will instantly share the promos on their timeline.

Last year, it was reported that Facebook had held discussions with major labels Universal Media Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group to gain a licence to music videos.

At present, artists are unable to post full music videos of Facebook due to the rights issue.

The report comes as several major brands continue to boycott Facebook.

The likes of Unilever and Coca-Cola have pulled all advertising from Facebook for 30 days as part of a campaign named Stop Hate for Profit, which aims to get the social networking site to change the way it handles hateful content.

However, Zuckerberg allegedly isn't worried about brands pulling advertising from the platform.

In a recent staff meeting, the CEO is alleged to have said: "My guess is that all these advertisers will be back on the platform soon enough. We're not going to change our policies or approach on anything because of a threat to a small percent of our revenue."

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