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Apple banishing terms like 'blacklist' and 'master' from tech domain

Apple has banned terms like "master" and "blacklist" from its technical domain.

The company - which has made the move amid an industry trend towards more inclusive language - has expanded after making changes in its own documentation and beta software.

This week, Apple has started detailing the changes on its developer website to inform programmers who could be impacted by the change.

It's an important step, as some terminology changes can have an affect on how code works.

Writing on the site, the firm said: "At Apple, we're working to remove and replace non-inclusive language across our developer ecosystem, including within Xcode, platform APIs [application programming interfaces], documentation, and open source projects."

Terms such as a "master" branch of a software project or a "blacklist" - describing resources a computer could be blocked from accessing - are amongst those being banished.

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