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Quibi introduces screenshot

Quibi is letting users screenshot its content.

The mobile-centric streaming platform devoted to short-form programming was initially criticised by subscribers for not having screenshot capabilities but it has now built its own tool for users to do so.

Quibi's chief product officer, Tom Conrad, tweeted a picture of the tool and wrote: "Everyone! start your meme maker: Mock the Golden Arm with precise photographic evidence! Share your cel-drawn horoscope with the world! Photoshop your own head onto action star @KevinHart4real! That's right, @quibi has screenshots. Kinda.

"Of course, it wouldn't be Quibi if we didn't give the Twitterverse something to dunk on, so here's the opening: it's not your grandfather's screenshotting. Yep, screenshotting the way pop-pop did it in '09 still produces ugly, blank rectangles straight to your camera roll.

"To grab a screenshot on Quibi, press-and-hold on any playing episode to reveal a menu. Slide your finger over to the screenshot icon to grab a still. Voila. Screenshot. BUT WHY? WHY? WHY would we go our own way on this?

"The struggle (and it's real) is as soon as we turn on DRM the OS blocks screenshots. End of story. So our engineers came up with this nifty alternative. We're still tweaking some details (no captions Disappointed face), so it's a sort of public beta in our 1.7 release (in app stores now).

"So what are you waiting for? Go download it now, do your worst, and let us know what you think. And have fun searching for the tiny number of episodes you still can't screenshot."

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