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New emojis set for 2021

A series of 217 new emojis are coming out in 2021.

The Unicode Consortium, who oversee emoji standards, have unveiled the "Emoji 13.1" release, which comes with several new emojis to express the crazy events of the 2020, including the coronavirus pandemic.

The new additions include a heart with a bandage wrapped around it, a heart on fire, a face exhaling, a face in the clouds, and a shocked face with spiral eyes.

The focus this year, however, is on skin tones, with mixed skin tones for couples, as well as a gender-neutral person with a beard.

Unicode has described the new batch as a "minor release" after being hit by a delay due to Covid-19.

They tweeted: "With #Unicode14 delayed due to COVID-19, this is a minor #emoji release. It is also bit of a change from recent years where announcements have been made between January and March, and landing on platforms by September/October."

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