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Zoom launches platform for 'online experiences'

Zoom has launched a new platform that allows consumers to pay for live "online experiences".

The platform - which has been called OnZoom - is launching in beta form for music and art online events, among other things.

Joseph Evans, the head of technology at Enders Analysis, explained that the development has come as a response to the fact that many people are currently unable to attend live events due to coronavirus restrictions.

Speaking to the BBC, the expert said: "People are doing reiki sessions online, yoga online, medical consultations over video calls.

"That has got people very excited about the idea of being able to scale up what were events that were dependent on how many people you could get through your door.

"Now people are thinking that maybe the market for this is actually a lot bigger."

Events are currently being promoted on the site, with tickets costing up to $50.

Zoom has become increasingly popular since the turn of the year, with millions of people being forced to work and socialise from home due to the ongoing health crisis around the world.

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