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Apple adds vaccine, heart on fire and over 200 more emoji

Apple is introducing over 200 new emoji.

The tech giant's latest iOS 14.5 beta update has been made available for developers, with a host of fresh and changed icons to use in conversations and posts.

As detailed by Emojipedia, the new syringe - which has a bloodless design - could pass as a vaccine, while other new emoji include a heart on fire, exhaling face and more inclusive gender options.

Included in the 217 icons are couples with a mix of skin tones, and a woman with a beard, which comes after last year's addition of a man with a beard.

This comes after Apple continued to add more gender-neutral images, including variations for people wearing a wedding veil or tuxedo, as well as options for people bottle feeding a baby, and Mx Claus (a gender-inclusive version of Santa or Mrs Claus).

Now, spiral eyes, face in the clouds and a mended heart are all amongst the new designs, while the traditional black headphones have been replaced by a white AirPods Pro Max design.

Developers were only given access to the new emoji on Tuesday (16.02.21), and there's no news on when a final version of the update will launch.

However, a public beta typically follows the developer trial a few days later.

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