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Huawei: US sanctions have had a major impact

Huawei admits US sanctions have had a major impact on its performance as a business.

The tech company has been accused of posing a security risk to the US, which has implemented a series of sanctions against the company, and Huawei has now admitted that America's actions have had a big impact on its mobile phone business.

Speaking to the BBC, chairman Ken Hu said: "It has caused a lot of damage to us."

The company has been accused of being too closely aligned to the Chinese government.

But Jiang Xisheng, chief secretary of the board at Huawei, told the BBC that the firm has the power and the courage to say no to the government.

He said: "For sure, we can say no to the state.

"Even if some individual government officials wanted to intervene in our company's operations we have the right to say no to that."

In February, Huawei revealed it hoped to develop better relations with the new US administration.

Ren Zhengfei - the company's founder - admitted he hoped the new US President Joe Biden would be more collaborative than Donald Trump.

He said: "I hope the new US administration will come up with more open policies that are in the interests of US companies and the US economy as a whole."

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