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Charity backs Premier League boycott of social media

An anti-discrimination charity has revealed it would support a Premier League-wide boycott of social media.

In recent months, soccer players across the UK have faced racist abuse on social media channels, and Kick It Out has now revealed it would be willing to support a boycott of sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Kick It Out boss Tony Burnett told the BBC: "I think we've gone back 20 years. We're going to have to reconstruct how we really talk about and address issues of discrimination in the UK.

"I've only been on board for three months, but the volume of activity just in those three months has actually astounded me - the number of issues we're dealing with around online hate.

"Not just online hate actually, because as the team quite rightly keep reminding me even before the lockdown Kick It Out were seeing significant increases in reported incidents based on discrimination.

"So this isn't just online; the fact that we've not been in grounds and we haven't had grassroots football I think is hiding the fact that this is a problem in society."

Burnett made the comments shortly after Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson announced that he was giving control of his Twitter account to Cybersmile in a bid to make people aware of the impact of abuse.

Elsewhere, Swansea, Birmingham and Scottish champions Rangers have all announced plans to boycott social media for a week in response to the recent abuse online.

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