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Aska flying car available for pre-order

People can pay a $5,000 deposit for a 2026 Aska flying car.

Silicon Valley startup NFT has opened a showroom this month to publicise the aircraft, and customers can now put down a refundable deposit to join its founder's club.

The vehicle was first unveiled a couple of years ago, with a unique design and the ability to drive on normal roads around the takeoff and landing sights.

As well as folding wings, the car boasts a top speed of 150mph, as well as a 250 mile range and six propellers powered by six batteries, while those are kept charged by dual gas motors.

With a 50 foot wingspan, the Aska - Japanese for "flying bird" - also fits four passengers.

For $5,000, you get a share of NFT's stock, as well as access to status update meetings - held every three to six months - and a spot in line for the 1,500 limited edition models, which will each cost a huge $789,000.

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