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Wristband creates music through movement

A new wristband allows you to create music through your movements.

The clever device - known as Mictic - has been launched through a Kickstarter campaign, with already £20,000 at the time of writing being pledged by eager music enthusiasts.

They write on their Kickstarter page: "We’ve packed centuries of Swiss engineering into Mictic and brought it into the digital era. And are the first wearable device that is a true musical instrument and not just a controller for Midi or other interfaces. The wristbands translate your arm movements into included instrument sounds like electric guitar, drums, cello, and genre-based soundscapes like EDM and HipHop. We have pending patent applications capturing this technology.

"You can even play with our sci-fi and game experiences. More instruments and sounds will be available for upload all the time, including in partnership with artists you love."

The wristband works through sensors which are able to detect movement and motion. It then connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and converts the movements into sound.

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