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2.5 million Brits are in arrears on broadband payments, study shows

Around 2.5 millions Brits are currently in arrears on their broadband payments.

That is according to a survey from Citizens Advice, which has revealed the influence of the coronavirus pandemic on digital consumers, showing that the number of people who are behind on their payments has jumped by about 700,000 since the start of the health crisis.

Dame Clare Moriarty, the chief executive of Citizens Advice, explained: "Lack of broadband creates yet another hurdle in the hunt for jobs, helping children with their schoolwork, and being able to access help, information and fill in forms online.

"Ofcom and the government must ensure everyone can afford their broadband, no matter which provider they are with. People shouldn't be penalised simply because their provider isn't one of the few firms that offers a cheaper tariff."

Meanwhile, a report previously claimed that internet use in the UK more than doubled in 2020.

Data from Openreach, the firm that maintains much of the UK's broadband network, confirmed that online gaming and live sports contributed to the boost, while there has also been a dramatic rise in the number of people working from home over the last year.

Colin Lees, the chief technology and information officer at Openreach, previously said: "It's been a year unlike any other and we believe that's played a major part in this huge jump in data consumption.

"We know more businesses asked their employees to work from home throughout most of 2020, so connecting remotely has been and continues to be important for everyone."

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