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AI estimates climate change affects 85 percent of world's population

AI has estimated 85% of the world's population is being affected by climate change.

Researchers in Germany have used machine learning technology to take a look at over 60,000 climate change-related studies, which led them to their findings.

The new paper - led by Max Callaghan of Berlin's Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change - was published in Nature Climate Change this week.

It reads: "There is overwhelming evidence that the impacts of climate change are already being observed in human and natural systems. "We infer that attributable anthropogenic impacts may be occurring across 80% of the world's land area, where 85% of the population reside."

Machine learning is a kind of AI which gets smarter the more information it's given.

Callaghan and his team wanted to not only shine a light on the impact of climate change, but also use this technology to show gaps in scientific study.

The paper adds: "Our objective is to map all possibly relevant studies on climate-related changes, rather than a list of studies where the relationship between an observed climate trend and specific impacts has been demonstrated with high confidence.

"While traditional assessments can offer relatively precise but incomplete pictures of the evidence, our machine-learning-assisted approach generates an expansive preliminary but quantifiably uncertain map."

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