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Samsung integrates Samsung Pass and Samsung Pay

Samsung is to integrate Samsung Pass and Samsung Pay.

The tech giant - which created its 'identity management' app as a way for users to store sensitive information such as passwords and card details - will fold the app in with its standard payment app as well as update the software from phones which support Android 9 and up.

In a blog post, Samsung said: "From the 9th, Samsung Electronics will integrate the Samsung Pass service into Samsung Pay and sequentially update the software including various functions that enhance user convenience. Updating is available for Samsung Pay-supported products with Android 9 (Android 9 Pie) or higher. Update schedule may vary by user.

"In the future, it plans to support a ticket service function that can be used by adding boarding passes issued by airlines and various tickets such as movies, performances, and sports to Samsung Pay. Through this, the user can manage various flight boarding, movie, and performance schedules."

It comes just months after the news that fellow tech company Google also decided to fold their current Google Pay app into the Google Wallet app, which functions in the same manner as Samsung Pass.

At the time, Google said: "Google Wallet is a secure digital credential store coming later this year.

"The Google Pay app will be a companion app to the Wallet. Think of [the Google Pay app] as this higher value app that will be a place for you to make payments and manage money, whereas the wallet will really be this container for you to store your payment assets and your non-payment assets."

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