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OpenAI’s new chatbot can flirt

OpenAI’s new chatbot can flirt

OpenAI’s new chatbot technology is faster and chattier than earlier models – and can flirt.

The artificial intelligence firm’s GPT-4o will be rolled out to all users of ChatGPT including non-subscribers.

It has been programmed to sound chatty and sometimes even flirtatious in its responses to prompts – and can read and discuss images, as well as translate languages and identify emotions from visual expressions.

There is also memory so it can recall previous prompts.

OpenAI’s chief technology officer Mira Murati described GPT-4o as “magical” but added the firm would “remove that mysticism” with the product’s roll-out.

During a live demo using the voice version of GPT-4o, it provided suggestions for how to go about solving a simple equation written on a piece of paper rather than simply solving it.

It also analysed some computer code and translated between Italian and English – and interpreted the emotions in a selfie of a smiling man.

In an American female voice, it also greeted its prompters by asking them how they were doing.

When it was paid a compliment, it flirtatiously responded: “Stop it, you’re making me blush!”

Critics of the tech have highlighted it is bad for the environment due to the amount of power it requires, and there was no mention of sustainability during the latest ChatGPT launch.

Chatbots including Elon Musk’s Grok and Pi – from DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman – prioritise the “personality” of their products, but tech commentators say GPT-4o is already miles ahead of the competition in that realm.

There have been rumours about a partnership between OpenAI and Apple and while this has not yet been confirmed, during the latest product upgrade launch Apple products were used throughout.

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