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Samsung workers begin three-day strike in South Korea

Samsung workers begin three-day strike in South Korea

Samsung factory workers have begun three days of industrial action in South Korea.

The National Samsung Electric Union - which represents 30,000 of its workforce, nearly a quarter - has gone on strike in a dispute demanding better pay, more holiday time and amendments to its bonus scheme on Monday (08.07.24).

Park Jun-ha, a 20-year-old Samsung worker, expressed his discontent with his working conditions, saying: “I was telling people that I was proud to work at Samsung, but the truth is I am not."

He also expressed frustration at the firm's "opaque" bonus scheme.

Due to the low turnout and the factory's automated production levels, the protest is not expected to have a major impact on the world’s largest microchip producer, but it will lower staff morale at the facility.

More than 3,000 people are thought to have downed tools, refused to work, and attended a rally near the tech giant’s headquarters in Hwaseong, just south of Seoul.

After being questioned about the low turnout, union officials blamed the lack of time to give workers political education.

Son Woo-mok told journalists: "Education about labour unions ... has not been enough. But I don't think this participation is low because our union is still young compared to other unions,"

This comes after last month's first walkout, which saw 2,500 people down tools.

Lee Hyunk, an NSEU official, told reporters: "The purpose of today's strike action is to have a meaningful conversation with management."

In response, Samsung said: "We have sincerely engaged with the union and will continue talks with them.”

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