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Third of companies at London Tech Week are concerned about Artificial Intelligence data leaks

Third of companies at London Tech Week are concerned about Artificial Intelligence data leaks

A third of tech firms attending an industry event are concerned about Artificial Intelligence-related data leaks.

Roughly 35 per cent of businesses with a presence at London Tech Week think their main fear with AI is how it weakens data security after nearly 10 years of the tech making its way into many aspects of working life.

In the beginning, it was touted as a way to tighten up cyber security, but now worries are increasing about whether this is actually true and is leading to many not adopting it at all, according to a survey carried out by FDM Group.

This comes after the National Cyber Security UK gave their assessment of the problems posed by AI, such as how naively it can answer questions and how it can be “coaxed into creating toxic content and is prone to prompt injection attacks it can be corrupted by manipulating the data used to train the model, a technique known as ‘data poisoning.”

Sheila Flavell, the COO of the group, said: “These statistics underscore the pressing need for a workforce adept in AI to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge.

“It’s not just about keeping pace with change, but actively shaping the future through informed and skilled application of AI technologies. By investing in the development of specialist skills for employees, companies can ensure they are well-positioned to leverage AI to its fullest extent.”

Grammarly, an AI-powered editing software add-on, are confident they can rise to the challenge.

Hannah Pirovano, a partnerships manager at the company, said: “We want to make sure we provide secure Gen AI communication tools that our customers feel confident using.”

These findings come after the Seoul AI Summit, who heavily promoted a regulation framework and led to 16 firms signing up for a voluntary array of AI safety standards.

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