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Mobile printer creates moving pictures

Inventors have unveiled a mobile printer which creates moving pictures.

The team have created Prynt - a mobile printing device which adds a new dimension to its users' photographs - and inspired by the moving Hogwarts Portraits in the 'Harry Potter' film series.

Explaining how the device works on their Kickstarter page, they wrote: "Ever wanted to share a photo with a friend and not have to put it on the internet? Now you can, with Prynt: the first ever instant camera case for smartphones. Just plug in your iPhone or Android device, snap a photo or choose one from your favorite social network, and print it out in thirty seconds!

"Prynt is portable, lightweight and fun! Snap and print photos anywhere, anytime. It's ideal for when you're out with your friends, sightseeing, or capturing a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Gifts and cards become more special when you include an instant photo. Take it with you on the go and never miss the chance to shoot and share some everyday magic.

"We also designed Prynt to be modular so it can fit different types of phones. The part of the case that contains the dock can be easily changed based on the phone model. That means if you upgrade or change phones, you don't need a whole new Prynt Case, just order a new dock adapter from us and keep printing."

And the photos have the added bonus of becoming a video when looked at through the Prynt app.

They added: "Each print-out is more than a photo - it's a video! While you're posing for a photo, our app records a short video and stores it in the cloud. When you hold your phone over the printed image, our app will automatically scan and recognize it, showing your movie on screen in augmented reality.

"You can see the videos in your friends' photos, too! Print and pass your photos around for a creative new way to tell your story. It's like a secret message in every photo - embed any kind of surprise you can think of!"

The classic Prynt Case costs €149.99 and comes in either black, white, turquoise or pastel pink.

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