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New app for prospective parents

A new dating-style app links prospective parents together.

The mobile application called Just A Baby has been unveiled by co-founders Paul Ryan and Gerard Edwards to connect anyone who wants a child including singles or those couples who want a kid but have not been able to have one for one reason or another.

The creators also believe it could be used as a tool to find surrogate mothers, sperm donors or egg donors.

Explaining how the app works on their website, they wrote: "Just a Baby is a brand new app connecting people who want to make a baby. We can help you find a surrogate, partner, co-parent, sperm or egg donor - or find someone that needs your help to have a baby.

"Simply download the app, set up a profile and start swiping. You'll be matched with potential conception partners and can begin chatting in your own time and way. It's free too - there are no charges to set up a profile, review or chat with other users.

"We strongly recommend you, and anyone else involved, including spouses, de factos, partners, or intended parents, seek independent legal advice (relevant to their country) prior to conception. Join thousands of users around the world and start your journey today."

The idea came about after co-founder Paul realised how many of his friends were still single.

He shared: "I was in my thirties and [although] a whole bunch of my friends were getting married, it seemed a lot of people were leftover. I saw a lot of anxiety among my friends, and I was freaking out a little bit too. I thought, why is this so hard? Everyone wants to have a baby. Why aren't we just talking about having babies instead of having this perfect happy relationship? Because that doesn't seem to be happening a whole lot ...

"That's one of the big goals of this. To get people talking to each other and get people talking in the community about it. It's sort of a coming out of the closet, in a way. I'm looking for a sperm donor, I'm having trouble having a baby and I want to shout that out to the world.

"I think that's a huge step forward. In 30 seconds you're suddenly connected to a whole lot of people in the same boat as you. You're not alone anymore."

The Just A Baby app is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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