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Upright Go promises to correct bad posture

A tech company have launched a wearable device that promises to correct bad posture.

The team behind the Upright Go have received over $230,000 in crowdfunding to bring their idea to life, a device which encourages people to sit up straight.

Describing the device on their Kickstarter page, the company writes: "Screen slouching is one of the main prices we pay for our modern lifestyle. Poor posture doesn't just look bad, it has very real negative effects on the body and mind, causing back pain and diminishing confidence.

"That's where Upright Go comes in. We've dedicated the last few years to crafting the most effective way to fight and correct this modern epidemic, and we're super proud to share our latest breakthrough with you."

The Upright Go - which measures just five centimetres tall and three centimetres wide and weighs 12 grams - works by being placed against the wearer's back. It will vibrate every time you slouch, prompting its user to keep their back straight.

It is applied to the back using a reusable soft sticker.

The post adds: "Upright Go's double-sided soft stickers are durable and reusable, lasting an average of 15 applications, which lasts on average two to three weeks with regular use. The stickers are made from medical silicone and are hypoallergenic.

"They stick easily and comfortably and work well, even with hair and/or sweat. Each pack comes with 5 stickers, and they will also, of course, be available at an affordable price later on."

The device also claims it can prevent back pain, strengthen back and core muscles as well as train muscles to fight fatigue. It can be used whilst sitting, driving, walking or standing and sends reports about the user's posture to the smartphone app.

It also boasts a series of handy features including being fully water resistant, a high level of accuracy and a battery life of eight hours on a 45-minute charge.

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