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App promises to tell you who's crushing on you

Developers have created an app which will tell you if your crush fancies you.

The aptly-named Crushh - which has been released in beta mode for those who can access the Google Play app - analyses your text messages to see if the person on the other end of the phone is crushing on you.

Describing the app on their website, they said: "Does your crush like you back? How much do your friends and family love you? Crushh analyses your text messages and lets you know exactly how much everyone you text (and call) likes you ... secretly. It doesn't matter if you're single, dating, in a relationship, or married - our app works for anyone who uses texting in their relationships ...

"Think of the app as the best friend you hand your phone to for an honest, unbiased view of a conversation. But instead of relying on memory or just guessing, we give you intelligence based on data (your actual conversations) and algorithms that can interpret the words and patterns. It's like having your own AI assistant or love calculator that understands how people communicate and can translate feelings for you."

And the app rates each person with a score of 1 - 5 by measuring "engagement and interest".

They added: "Simply download and install, and select the contact you want analysed. Within seconds, you'll get a score indicating how much that person likes you, along with measures of engagement and interest. If we're wrong (we can't be 100% accurate), you can tell us more about the person so the algorithm can learn over time.

"You'll even be able to see how your score changed over the life of your relationship and pinpoint days when feelings seemed to change. Have that special someone who recently got more affectionate? Well now you can see the exact texts that could have caused them to start liking you more.

"The app will analyse (SMS) texts already on your phone so there's no need for additional steps to input data. Although we collect the text messages and call data on your phone, your privacy is our highest concern. The identities of our users are protected."

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