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Panasonic unveil special clothes hanger

Panasonic have unveiled a hanger that gets rid of bad smells.

The electronics company - who are best known for creating televisions and cameras - are set to launch the new deodorising clothes hanger, which will go on sale in Japan in September for 20,000 yen (approximately £140).

The hanger works by using a high voltage charge to create tiny water particles, which allow more moisture collection that won't harm the fabric of the item. This stops the clothes from getting musty but Panasonic also say this can also help to remove smells such as cigarette smoke as well as reduce the amount of pollen, helping hayfever sufferers.

The product takes about five to seven hours to fully deodorise the item of clothing. A power source is needed but this can be done through a standard plug or the device also has a set of batteries, which the user can take advantage of if they were away on business, for example.

Meanwhile, another Japanese company is also trying to fight the laundry battle with the Laundroid, a robot that automatically folds laundry.

Writing about the product on their website, they share: "A new way to liberate your loved one ... We live in an age of automation - automatic washer dryers, automatic dishwashers and lately, even automatic vacuum cleaners. We see laundry folding as the next area of housework that you should be liberated from by automation.

"Just put your dried laundry in, and a robot will fold it beautifully. An artificial intelligence will remember the features of the clothes, and sort them into separate shelves for each member of the family. The dedicated app manages data and images. It will also suggest clothing coordinations. Liberate your loved one from the time and bother of housework. A new relationship between people and clothing - That's what / laundroid is about."

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