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Liquid-repelling suit protects you from spills

A Florida-based fashion outlet has created a liquid repelling suit.

The X Suit has been dubbed the "suit of the future" as it repels liquid, is wrinkle resistant and can stretch four ways.

Explaining the idea behind it on their Kickstarter page, they wrote: "When we came up with the idea of the X suit, we thrived to reinvent a classic to appeal to a new era of men. After 2 years of conceptualizing and development, we've arrived at a full stretch fabric, lining and even thread, infused with nano molecules rendering the X Suit; liquid, wrinkle and odor resistant.

"A glass of red wine can be poured directly on it to see the liquid bead and roll right off the fabric. It can be folded and tucked in a suitcase and comes out looking crisp and sharp. Using the world's best Italian tailors to arrive to a luxury's brand fitting. Additional details inspired from avant-garde design, modernizing our suits with anodized metal buttons for durability and style with over 12 pockets and metal zipper closures for securing your valuables."

Every yarn in the fabric was redesigned to make it more stretchy.

Detailing how some of the suit's unique features work, they added: "The X suit's shell fabric is crafted with cutting-edge liquid repellant technology and advanced stain guard. It can naturally repel liquids such as coffee, wine and even oil. When the liquid is slightly thicker, such as with a sauce, pouring water over the garment will cause the stain to simply slide off the fabric. Liquids that have already embedded the fabric can be easily absorbed with a napkin.

"The Nano Stretch X Fabric was designed to make the things you do in a suit easier, and more comfortable. Paired with the elasticized lining, the suit moves with you like never before. No competing brands have come close to the amount of stretch embedded in the fabric.

"Each yarn in the fabric has been redesigned to offer maximum stretchability and unlike standard sportwear fabric, the nano stretch has a memory membrane, and will never lose its shape. You could run a marathon and still look as sharp as ever. To further reinforce the seams, we used German imported stretch thread, able to withstand excessive and extreme physical activity."

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