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Tülry necklace contains 16 tools

A designer has created a necklace that conceals 16 tools.

The team behind Tülry have unveiled a pendant which contains screwdrivers, a bottle opener and hex keys.

They wrote on their Kickstarter page: "Tülry is the world's first fashion-utility necklace. Why Tülry? Well, dresses don't have pockets, jeans are too tight, and a purse is never big enough. We set out to change that. We married fashion and function in a beautiful, wearable and incredibly useful piece of jewellery.

"Tülry carries up to 16 tools concealed in a pendant necklace. It's lustrous 14kt gold plating makes it as stylish as it is functional. Built from stainless steel that will never rust and hardened for maximum strength, it is designed in a chevron shape to create lengthy and firm handles.

"Each Tülry layer comes with two tools, one at each end. Tools include micro, flat and Phillips head screwdrivers as well as hex keys, a bottle opener and more. The tools can be quickly removed, used and returned without taking the necklace off. It is the most useful statement piece ever designed."

The necklace was first created for lead designer Nate Barr's wife, who wanted another way to carry the tools.

They added: "Tülry is the result of hundreds of hours of thoughtful design by engineers and designers. Lead designer Nate Barr answered the challenge of his wife; she asked for another way to carry Zootility's multi-tools. The result turned out to be our strongest, and most complete set of tools yet.

"Tülry is a whole new product category. We had to find ways to combine fashion and function that allowed for a lasting design. We wanted something you could wear with jeans and your favorite cardigan, or with a little black dress for a night on the town. Tülry is sure to make you look great, make a statement, make you more prepared, and start a conversation."

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