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Wearable sticker that can raise an alarm automatically

MIT have created a sticker that can raise an alarm if someone is being sexually assaulted.

A team at the research laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have unveiled a wearable sticker, which they say will make the wearer feel safer.

Manisha Mohan, a researcher at MIT Media Lab, said: "In the name of safety, many times women have been told to stop working, or asked to be indoors, and I think instead of asking them to be indoors, we should have more safety for them. We don't need bodyguards, I think I should have the ability to protect myself, and should be able to be standing alone for myself, and that's what I would want this product to do."

The device works by detecting what they think is a sexual assault and they will then alert the person, who has a chance to respond if it is a false alarm. If the person does not answer, a loud alarm will sound out and the person's geolocation will be noted and it may even start recording the events as evidence.

It will also start to contact people in a pre-chosen "safety circle".

Mohan added: "The safety circle receives information about the geolocation of the victim, and also one member of that group receives a phone call, and the call records all the noises. Any kind of conversation which is happening, and you can use this information for legal proceedings."

The sticker can be washed if the electronic chip is removed and it attaches to any clothing using a hydrogel, which sticks without leaving any sort of residue.

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