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Russian company create software that can detect your emotions

A Russian company has developed facial recognition software that they say can detect a person's emotions.

The team at NTechLab, which is based in Moscow, unveiled the Find Face app last year, which could use facial recognition software to work out a person's gender, age and face but they now say they have developed their software to include the detection of primary and secondary emotions.

Writing about the feature on their website, they shared: "The FindFace Enterprise SDK 2.0 enables gender, age, and emotions recognition

"It detects the gender of a person in a photo with 99% accuracy, and detects age with 95% accuracy within a three-year threshold. Additionally, it enables a person's primary and secondary emotions detection."

The software can be integrated into other applications as well as any web, mobile, or desktop application using the cross-platform REST API for "customer analytics, client verification, fraud prevention, hospitality and access control".

Mikhail Ivanov, NTechLab's CEO, added: "We've built a product with exceptional functionality and applied it not only to faces or gender, but also emotions. The idea is that we teach emotions to our system in the laboratory. We train the algorithm to understand the kind of emotion they see on the picture and then correct it the way you would teach a kid.

"You can use it to track the level of service on your customers, to understand the behaviour of the guy you're going to hire based on his emotional reactions during a job interview, to grasp the emotions of a crowd during a concert, their emotional temperature. Behavioural analytics could combine face recognition and big data for customer behaviour analysis in hotels and casinos."

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