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MedExpress plan to deliver morning after pill by drone

A medical company are hoping to deliver the morning after pill using drones after a successful trial in the UK.

MedExpress are in talks to send out parcels with the contraception pill and viagra pills across Great Britain after the trial in Broadstairs, Kent went well.

Managing director Dwayne D'Souza said: "The rise of artificial intelligence, along with autonomous delivery and other sophisticated technologies, provides ample opportunity for businesses such as MedExpress to trial a range of convenient customer service options. We were very pleased with how the trial went. We're considering making drone delivery part of our future service and are in talks to work out how we can do this. We're confident our customers will love the idea."

During the trial, the medicines were delivered in plain packaging and the customer's details had been blacked out on sales records as well as bank accounts. They also transported medicines in vessels that could give it the optimum temperature to not affect the drug's effectiveness.

However, the idea of drone shipments of these types of medicines has been questioned by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Neal Patel, a pharmacist and spokesman for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, shared: "It needs to be safe for individuals who are accessing those medicines to make sure they get the right one.

"I'm not sure of the problem we are trying to solve because we have community pharmacies on every high street and people can access them very easily. In our view it is better for people to access a local community pharmacy and have a face to face conversation with a pharmacist where they can get proper advice."

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