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Smart luggage set has GPS tracker

A New York-based company have developed a smart suitcase that will help you to never lose your luggage again.

Bluesmart unveiled their Series 2 luggage set, which includes a collection of four products - a cabin bag, a check in bag, a laptop bag and a passport pouch.

All four items are connected to a person's phone, allowing them to always track the product's location from their device.

Each of the bags also have their own unique features. The cabin bag can be tracked using GPS and 3G and has an auto lock system so your belongings are kept safe whilst in transit. It also includes a Supercharger to give your handheld devices and laptops some juice, and it meets all airlines' standard baggage size allowance.

The larger check in bag is an impressive 80 litres inside and is made from three layer reinforced polycarbonate to help with its durability. The check in bag also benefits from weight sensors, which can tell you how heavy your bag is whilst you're packing it.

These two bags are available in a choice of three colours - silver, charcoal grey and a moon blue.

The laptop bag - available in grey - includes its own tracking system, which alerts you when it is a certain distance away. It has a Supercharger built into it to keep you up and running when you're on the go and it is expandable to fit computer accessories and documents alongside the laptop too.

Similarly to the laptop bag, the passport pouch uses bluetooth and distance alerts to help you keep the vital document by your side at all times.

Retail prices for the full suite start at $1830.

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