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Start up firm detect designer fakes

A start up firm promise to detect if your designer bag is the real deal or not.

The Entrupy device works by taking "microscopic photographs" of the item in question and comparing it to algorithms to see if it matches real items from luxury brands including Balenciaga, Burberry, Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada.

Writing on their website, they shared: "Entrupy was created by a team with 8 Degrees (including 2 Ph.Ds), decades of work experience, 4 patents, and thousands of hours of research and testing. We have built complex detection algorithms into Entrupy, that allow us to analyze various materials ranging from canvas and leather to metal and wood.

"The Entrupy device takes microscopic photographs of different areas of an item and runs them through a computer that uses proprietary algorithms. It has an authentication accuracy of over 96.4% and is steadily increasing. Our goal is to enable trust in high-value goods transactions by providing on-demand authentication solutions to every business."

And the company claim it can even spot "super-fake counterfeits observed in the marketplace that are not easily discernible from the human eye".

They added in the abstract for their paper about the device: "Counterfeiting of physical goods is a global problem amounting to nearly 7% of world trade. While there have been a variety of overt technologies like holograms and specialised barcodes and covert technologies like taggants and PUFs, these solutions have had a limited impact on the counterfeit market due to a variety of factors - clonability, cost or adoption barriers ...

"A key building block for our system is a wide-angle microscopy device compatible with a mobile device that enables a user to easily capture the microscopic image of a large area of a physical object. Based on the captured microscopic images, we show that using machine learning algorithms (ConvNets and bag of words), one can generate a highly accurate classication engine for separating the genuine versions of a product from the counterfeit ones; this property also holds for super-fake counterfeits observed in the marketplace that are not easily discernible from the human eye."

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