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EcoQube Air is world's first desktop greenhouse

You can have your own greenhouse on your desktop with the EcoQube Air.

The makers of the "world's first" desktop greenhouse provides the plant with light and humidity whilst also improving the quality of the air you breathe and even your sleep pattern.

They shared on their Kickstarter page: "EcoQube Air is a desktop greenhouse designed to improve your quality of life. It adds healthy air, smart light therapy, thriving greenery, and beauty to any space ... The EcoQube air is the best solution for indoor gardening because it provides the perfect environment for plants to grow ... Grow food or your favorite plants in any environment, in any season. Grow your plants without direct sunlight. The full-spectrum LED light is programmed to give your plants the exact amount of light it needs to grow fastest."

The air filter works by drawing in the dirty indoor air through the system and filtering it, before releasing oxygen made by the plant back in the atmosphere.

They added: "The air you breathe may be filled with mold, chemicals, and dangerous toxins. Indoor air pollution can lead to a wide range of health problems. The Enhanced Airflow System gets rid of sterile and dirty indoor air and fights odours and airborne allergens.

"Air enters through a Hepa-like mechanical filter that removes dust, pollen and mould. The activated carbon filter removes harmful chemicals. The plant filters and oxygenates the air before being circulate into your room."

And the EcoQube Air helps to regulate your own biological clock with its smart LED light.

They shared: "Sunlight dictates your circadian rhythm, which directs our body's biological clock and tells you when to sleep and when to be awake. With increased exposure to computer, tablet, and phone screens today, our circadian rhythms have been completely thrown off. The smart LED light not only provides the perfect lighting for your plants, it also simulates the cycle of the sun. You can use the EcoQube Air to influence your own biological clock with the phone app. This helps you wake up feeling refreshed, alleviates insomnia, helps overcome jet lag, improves productivity, and helps prevent seasonal depression."

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