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Amazon patent charging drone

Amazon have won a patent to create drones to charge electric cars.

The company have been granted patent number 9,778,653, which related to "systems, devices and methods delivering energy using an uncrewed autonomous vehicle", TechRadar reports.

The device will work by having the driver calling in for a charge, with the drone then arriving at a specified rendezvous point, finding the right car by identifying a marker on top, landing, and charging the vehicle.

The patent - which Amazon first applied for in 2014 - was filed with multiple illustrations detailing how the idea could work, with some of the designs showing docking stations which can retract, or leave permanent clamps on the top of cars.

However, even if the logistics of the design are realistic with current technology, it currently wouldn't be possible to get much out a drone-powered charge.

News of the patent comes a few months after engineers at Stanford University made the first step in creating a device to charge electric cars while on the move.

Currently, any form of wireless charging has to take place when the device and its charging point is completely still so the wireless power transfer, which is also known as magnetic resonance coupling, is tuned to a certain distance. Having a device detect it all the time and without prompting is difficult.

However, the research team have managed to transfer energy to a moving LED lightbulb wirelessly. This was done by replacing some components with a voltage amplifier and feedback resistor, which allows there to be an automatic check for the correct frequency.

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