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Pay with Google launches on Android

Pay with Google launched today (23.10.17).

The multinational technology company announced that its new purchasing scheme, which allows Android users to buy goods using any credit or debit cards given when setting up products like Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or Android Pay without having to type in multiple payment details every single time, has finally gone live

Pali Bhat, Vice President of Payments at Google, told TechCrunch: "Payments is a key capability of the user's Google account. Our goal is to enable users to pay with their Google account across devices, platforms and interfaces."

At present, Pay with Google can be used in the Android app or Chrome browser, but bosses have hinted that they're planning to bring it to other browsers in the future.

Mr Bhat explained: "We are starting with Chrome but plan to bring this experience to other browsers as well. Stay tuned."

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