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Amazon opens first checkout-free grocery store

Amazon is opening its first checkout-free grocery store today (22.01.18).

The technology giant has based its first shop of this kind in the US city of Seattle, where a series of cameras and sensors are being used to determine what shoppers are taking from the shelves, and what they subsequently put back.

And rather than paying for their goods at a traditional checkout, consumers are instead being billed after leaving the store using a credit card that's on file.

Amazon Go, as the store is known, requires consumers to scan a smartphone app and pass through a turnstile.

Gianna Puerini, vice-president of Amazon Go, says the store worked very effectively during its trail phase.

As yet, Amazon - which already owns the high-end supermarket chain Whole Foods Market - hasn't revealed whether it has plans to create more Go stores in the future.

Earlier this month, meanwhile, it was revealed that Amazon has been granted a patent to produce a 'blended reality' mirror, which would allow customers to try on clothes in a virtual location.

The innovative technology - which would represent a huge step in the fashion industry - consists of a display device featuring a screen behind the mirror, while objects will be illuminated by projectors in front.

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