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Austrian design students reveal make-up robot

A pair of Austrian design students are using a robot to apply their make-up.

Maya Pindeus and Johanna Pichlbauer turned to the cutting-edge technology in a bid to challenge the universal perceptions of beauty.

Maya explained: "We want users to put themselves in the beauty care of robots, to experience what it feels like to delegate decisions that are usually made themselves, to machines.

"The key theme we wanted to explore was intimacy. We allow technology into a lot of aspects of our daily lives, but when it comes to cosmetics and beauty, we're scared. We wanted to see how people would react if they allowed robots to do this very personal, daily thing."

She added that the decision to remove autonomy from the consumer was interesting, because robots are typically considered to be inferior to humans when it comes to performing such tasks.

Maya told Stylist magazine: "We learn from an early age how to prepare our faces in ways that are attractive to us and to society.

"To give this authority away to robots, which are often seen as inferior to humans or are laughed at, takes away part of our autonomy - and this is what we wanted to bring to light."

This comes shortly after it was revealed that a transgender sex robot with a strap-on penis is being created.

Guile LIndroth of Realbotix confirmed that the raunchy toy is on the cards, but the company needs to develop suitable personality software before they can put their plans into action.

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