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Sinclair ZX Vega+ gets new delivery date

A delivery date has been provided for the Sinclair ZX Vega+ handheld.

The future of the device was thrown into doubt after the crowdfunding platform suggested it could recoup backers' money, but Retro Computers Ltd (RCL) says it plans to start shipping units in April.

However, Indiegogo intends to refund the £85 to £100 paid by consumers to get one of the devices, in the event of its target being missed.

In order to do this, the company will appoint a third-party collections agency.

The delivery date has faced a number of delays over recent months owing to a number of separate issues, including a legal dispute with former company director Paul Andrews and the need to re-engineer the console's buttons.

But plans for the delivery of the device appear to have gather pace in recent times, with RCL releasing several images of factory equipment and prototype units.

However, the company explained that it was what not yet able to reveal the name of its UK-based production partners because it feared there would be a backlash against them.

The update explained: "We are setting the record straight to allow us to get on with the job in hand without any more erroneous rumours."

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