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Samsung smartwatch could have blood pressure monitor

Samsung could develop a smartwatch with a built in heart rate monitor, based on a new patent registered by the tech giant.

The company's technology would monitor the user's bloodstream using a light source and light receiver, in a way that's been compared to that of a heart rate tracker.

As reported by Tech Radar, it's a development that could help doctors to identity medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease earlier than they otherwise would have done.

While the patent - titled 'METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MEASURING BLOOD PRESSURE' - notes that the technology is for an upcoming watch, there are no specific details yet on whether it will actually feature in one, or if the technology is simply being experimented with.

The development - which shouldn't be expected on the next generation of Samsung devices - is referred to as Gear X in the patent.

This is likely a codename for the tech, which most likely won't be ready for either the Gear Sport 2 or Samsung Gear S4.

It follows reports that Apple's next software update could include a digital health tool, which would allow parents to keep an eye on their children's computer use.

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