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Google develops open source instrument

Google has developed a neural synthesiser, which they describe as an "open source experimental instrument".

The tech giant first announced plans for the NSynth Super in May 2017, and now, according to Wired, they are open-sourcing the hardware specifications and interface to let anyone hack together their own high-tech instrument.

The NSynth Super enables musicians to use technology to piece together various sounds in order to create never-before-heard noises, by blending together the characteristics of different instruments.

João Wilbert, creative technology lead at Google's Creative Lab in London, said: "In principle we have two sounds - the sound of a snare and the sound of a bass. The algorithm creates all the sound that exists between, but it's not just mixing them together - it actually understands the quality of the sounds, so in the case of the snare and the bass it will produce a sound in between, that will somehow have the attack of the snare, with the hit, but it also has the harmonics of the bass."

The product was created as part of Magenta, a research project that sits under Google Brain - Google's artificial intelligence unit - which explores the role of technology in creating art and music.

And João also insisted that the purpose of the NSynth Super isn't to compete against human capabilities, but to work with them.

He is quoted by Wired as adding: "We don't want to create something that generates the music, the notes themselves, because that's actually what a musician does. We wanted to give them the complementary part."

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