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Dead skin cells could be slowing down computers

Dead skin cells could be slowing down people's computers.

Adam Silkey from Best Buy's Geek Squad has revealed that dirt on your fingertips and unwanted dust can prevent PCs' fan from working properly and therefore cause the machine to become slower.

Speaking to Tampa news outlet, WFTS, Adam revealed: "A lot of dust, food and other junk builds up in your computer and especially your fans inside your computer.

"Those are what keeps your computer cool and keeps it speedy."

Keyboards can house up to five times more bacteria than a toilet seat, and cleaning expert Roxanna Pelka has given her tips for how best to keep the germs that are potentially slowing down your PC at bay.

She advised: "To clean the screen, mouse and other flat surfaces you should turn everything off and then wipe a microfiber cloth," Pelka told The Independent.

"For a deeper clean though, you can disinfect and remove excess dirt by using a mixture of water and alcohol or water and vinegar - just a little bit though, don't flood it.

"Similarly, you can use a cloth dampened with alcohol to remove stains but don't apply too liberally."

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