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Swimming pool alarm could save lives

This waterproof alarm can save a life.

The Dolphin Aquasonic Swimming Pool Alarm system is a device, which can detect when it is in water, emitting an alarm to tell the receiver when the non-swimmer enters the water.

Its creators wrote on their Kickstarter page: "If your child was in life-threatening danger, would you want to be alerted now, or in the future? Nothing is more important than a child's safety, when a child's life is in danger, every second counts. Introducing the Dolphin Aquasonic Swimming Pool Alarm system. The world's first Swimming Pool Alarm that instantly alerts you when a non-swimmer enters the water. The product of 13 years of research and development and involving experts in underwater communications from Newcastle University, the Dolphin Alarm System is here and ready to help improve swimming pool safety for everyone, both at home and at your local community pool."

It works by detecting when it comes into contact with water and emitting a signal to the wearable receiver. A second receiver, a remote alarm, can be placed up to 150 metres away from the pool when it sounds.

They added: "Non-swimmers wear a secured wrist/waist-worn device that sends a sonar signal to a receiver device floating in the pool the instant that it comes into contact with water. The receiver device in the pool emits a 131dB alarm, and if connected, a second remote alarm can be placed up to 150 meters (170ft) away from the pool to ensure the adult hears the alarm wherever and whenever they need to. The system is also fully portable and works in both fresh and saltwater pools ... By being instantaneous, the Dolphin Aquasonic Alarm gives parents the critical extra seconds needed to help avoid tragic, and avoidable infant deaths in the first place. Why would you choose an alarm system that took longer to tell you that your child was in danger?"

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