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Facebook publishes abuse data

Facebook has lifted the lid on the scale of its abuse problem.

The American technology giant has, for the first time, released internal data about the abuse issue, with the information proving an insight into other things, such as how often the social network removes something incorrectly.

Facebook's head of product management, Guy Rosen, explained: "There's a lot of little gotchas in how you count things.

"As we get better and as we improve and as we learn about the right way to do this, we will improve the methodology.

"We will be open about where we change and how we're doing it."

The eye-opening data centres on two three-month periods and has been broken down into a number of categories, including graphic violence, adult nudity and sexual content, and spam.

Despite the criticism Facebook has recently faced, Brandie Nonnecke, from University of California, Berkeley's Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society, has praised the efforts the company has made.

She shared: "They're taking the right steps to clearly define what is and what is not protected speech on their platform."

However, she added: "Facebook has a huge job on its hands."

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