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Samsung Galaxy S9 sales are slow

Sales of the Samsung Galaxy S9 are reportedly slow, to the point that the company's run of record profits for every quarter of the last year could come to an end.

For the second quarter of 2018, the tech giant has released its earnings guidance of 14.8 trillion won ($13.2 billion) in operating profit off 58 trillion won ($51.8 billion) in revenue.

Year on year, this would mean a 0.7 percent decline in sales and an 11 percent profit increase, but last quarter Samsung made 15.64 trillion won in profit, from revenue of 60.56 trillion won, which was its strongest results ever.

Analysists have suggested to the Financial Tiems and The Wall Street Journal that the Galaxy S9's poor sales have affected the company's bottom line.

The model has reportedly sold fewer units than any flagship Samsung phone since the Galaxy S3, with expected shipments of 31 million in 2018.

The earnings guidance comes after reports that Samsung phones are experiencing a bug in which photos are being sent to random contacts.

The tech giants have sold millions of phones worldwide, but a handful of users are now experiencing a disastrous bug through their phone's default messaging app, which pushes photos they didn't want to send to seemingly random contacts.

According to several user reports posted on Reddit and the official Samsung forums, the bug is effecting phones including late model devices such as the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9.

The problem seems to stem from Samsung Messages, the default texting app on Galaxy devices, which is sending pictures stored on the devices to random contacts via SMS.

Until a solution has been released, Samsung users have been advised to go into their phone's app settings and revoke Samsung Messages' ability to access storage, which will prevent it from accessing anything stored on the device.

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